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The Pollio Law Group (formerly Redmond Pollio & Caso LLP) is engaged in a General Business, Taxation, Trusts & Estates, Banking & Finance and Real Estate practice, offering many specialized professional services.  We serve both business and individual clients, ranging from small and medium size local businesses to large national and even international entities and banks, to high-end personal tax planning.

With its roots in practice for some forty years, our staff of professionals and paraprofessionals possesses a wealth of experience in many sophisticated areas of practice.  Our highly competitive billing categories (from senior partner to paraprofessional) allow us to expeditiously analyze and assess a legal issue at the lowest professional level of cost to a client, while, nevertheless, bringing specialized skills, a maturity of experience and directly relevant identity with a client's perspective to each assignment.

By the nature of our practice and our accounting and finance background, we often undertake close cooperative efforts with house counsel and other professionals, both legal and accounting, as well as bankers, investment bankers and advisors, actuaries, consultants, insurance agents and industry associations.

Through an emphasis on continuing legal education and internal review and a client alert system, we respond to the demanding changes in the law on a preventative basis.

Practice Areas:

  • Estate & Tax Planning
  • Estate & Trust Administration
  • Taxation - Audits & Appeals
  • Corporate & General Business
  • Banking & Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Pension, Benefits & Employment
  • Litigation & Surrogate's Court
  • Health Care
  • Not-For-Profit


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